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Hello Fellow Book Nerds: In an effort to help fight book censorship, I will be reading a few banned books this week.  I have to say, choosing which books to read was not easy task; there are so many to choose from, all of which are phenomenal.  Someone once said that “forbidden fruit tastes sweeter”, right? First and foremost, I chose Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (1953).  What better way to start a Banned Books Week than with a book about burning books?  In case you are not familiar with Mr. Bradbury’s work of dystopian fiction, here is the synopsis from Amazon: Guy Montage is a fireman.  InRead More →

The Last One by Alexandra Oliva Published by:  Ballantine Books (July 12, 2016) Genre:  Post-Apocalyptic/Suspense/Thriller ISBN-13:  978-1101965085 My Rating:  3/5 My Summary:  Twelve contestants, in an attempt to win $1M, agree join a “Survivor-esque” reality show.  The show, a sort of survival game, is set in the woods.  The game has many challenges that are designed to test the contestants endurance and skills.  When the contestants are separated during a challenge, and the camera crews disappear, Zoo can only think the new deserted world she has stumbled upon, that includes rotting corpses, is just part of the game.  In an effort to survive until the end, sheRead More →

The Sound of Gravel: A Memoir by Ruth Wariner Published by Flatiron Books on January 5, 2016 Genre:  Biography/Memoir, Religion, Fundamental Mormonism ISBN-13:  978-1250077691 My Rating:  5/5 My Summary:  The Sound of Gravel:  A Memoir, is the story of one girl’s struggles, trials, and joys while growing up in a Fundamental Mormon community in northern Mexico.  Told from first person POV, Ruth Wariner gives an insider’s view into her childhood as a child of a polygamist family. My Thoughts:  Polygamy, the marriage of one man to multiple women, has been in the media a lot over the last decade.  From shows like “Sister Wives”, “Big Love”,Read More →

Unnatural Deeds by Cyn Balog Published by: Sourcebooks Fire (November 1, 2016) Genre: Teen & YA, Mystery & Thriller ISBN-13: 978-1492635796 My Rating: 4/5 My Summary:  Victoria Zell, high school Junior, is an outcast at her new school.  For the last year she has been the odd-girl out; being the 29th person in her small high school class.  That is until Zachary Zimmerman (Z) joins her class as Number 30.  Suddenly Vic feels like she has a friend, one she can connect with.  Z and Vic hit it off immediately.  Z is charismatic and lovable.  Quickly Vic starts to feel herself falling for Z.  The problem is Vic hasRead More →

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena Published by: Pamela Dorman Books (Coming August 23, 2016) Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Crime ISBN-13: 978-0735221086 My Rating: 3/5 My Summary:  When Anne and Marco Conti decide to leave their newborn baby home alone, while they slip next door for a dinner party, they never expect the unthinkable to happen.  They have brought the baby monitor and are checking on the infant every 30-minutes, surely she will be safe while they enjoy some time away with friends.  When they arrive home shortly after 1:00 AM the couple is bemused to find their little girl missing from her crib.  This starts an immediate investigation byRead More →

Watching Edie by Camilla Way Published by: NAL on August 2, 2016 Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Crime ISBN-13: 978-1101991633 My Rating: 4/5 My Summary:  Edie has a dark secret from high school that she ran from many years ago.  Now at 33, living alone, and working as a waitress, Edie answers the door to find her former high school best friend, Heather.  Heather knows the secret, so why does she want anything to do with Edie after all these years?  Is it a coincidence Heather found Edie?  Or is there a more sinister reason? My Thoughts:  I think everyone has someone from high school they just don’t care to runRead More →

Bird Box: A Novel by Josh Malerman Published by: Ecco on May 14, 2014 Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy/Post-Apocalyptic/Horror ISBN-13: 978-0062259653 My Rating: 5/5 My Summary:  Something is out there… What it is, no one knows.  All anyone knows is whenever it is seen the person goes mad and ends their life.  Malorie has been living in an abandoned house with a group of strangers for the past five years, since the horror began.  At last she finds she has no choice but to leave her safe haven.  With two 5-year old children in tow, Malorie makes her way down the river, blindfolded to avoid seeing whatever it isRead More →

Ink and Bone by Lisa Unger Published by:  Touchstone on June 7, 2016 Genre:  Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Supernatural, Ghosts, Psychics ISBN-13: 978-1501101649 My Rating:  4/5 My Summary:  Ever since Finely Montgomery was young she has been able to see people others could not.  Her grandmother, Eloise, says she has the gift – the psychic ability to see the departed that her grandmother also possesses.  After years of struggling with an unbelieving mother, Finely decides to up and move in with Grandma Eloise for college, in The Hollows.  Quickly Finely and Eloise are at the center of an investigation involving a missing girl abducted while on a hike through theRead More →